Nissan Sales special offers in Sudbury

At Northern Nissan, we understand that you work hard for your money. Our goal is to make every purchase worth it, which is why we offer promotions on our new and pre-owned inventory. We regularly update our promotions on new vehicles so that you are bound to find the right price and interest rate for your perfect Nissan vehicle. We also have discounts on our used inventory for people in the market for a high-quality vehicle that is as good as new.

Need help getting your Nissan vehicle season ready? Don’t worry, Northern Nissan has what you need! With seasonal packages at low prices, you can’t go wrong! Whether you are getting your Nissan vehicle ready for our icy winters, or you need a simple maintenance like oil changes, Northern Nissan will always have the right deal for you. We want to give your Nissan vehicle exactly what it needs at a more than affordable price.

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