Nissan Financing Solutions in Sudbury

The experts in Northern Nissan’s financing department are here to help you find the perfect solution for your lifestyle. They are experts in finding flexible options to help you drive home the vehicle of your dreams.

Financing in Sudbury, Ontario

While paying, cash is usually the least expensive way to get yourself into a new set of wheels, most of us are simply not in the happy position of being able to part with such a sizable chunk of change. Fortunately, Northern Nissan offers a wide variety of flexible low-interest financing solutions that can help you get behind the wheel of your Nissan vehicle in a way that won’t break the bank! Our friendly and helpful financing staff are here to help you through every step of the financing process. Far too often, the amount of options open to you when financing a vehicle can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ll help you choose the best option for your unique situation, needs, and budget. At Northern Nissan, it’s never been this easy to get a new Nissan vehicle! To learn more about what our financing department can do for you, simply visit our dealership today! You can also start the pre-approval process online by filling out the form to your right! We look forward to seeing you there!

2nd and 3rd Chance Credit Available in Sudbury

Getting a car loan can often be a confusing and difficult process. Fortunately, the financial team at Northern Nissan has made auto credit easy! For a complete and confidential car loan that can help you get closer to the vehicle you need, just speak to one of our financial advisors today! We work with a variety of financial institutions, and after a simple background check and few questions, you might find that your dream vehicle isn’t entirely out of reach! Thanks to our safe, reliable and low-interest solutions, we can help design a solution that works for you. While other dealers or loan companies will try to oversell you, at Northern Nissan we want to see you succeed! If you’ve have bad luck with credit in the past, our second- and third-chance credit solutions can help you repair your credit rating and get behind the wheel of a new vehicle. To learn more, simply visit Northern Nissan in Sudbury, Ontario today!

Lease or Finance Your New Nissan?

Buying a new vehicle is an investment, and not all of us have that amount of money just laying around. Thankfully, leasing and financing serve as viable alternatives when it comes to paying for your new vehicle. When you finance, you own your vehicle -- it's as simple as that! While financing your vehicle is the more expensive option when it comes to your monthly or bi-weekly payments, the extra cost arises because you are investing in your vehicle's future resale value. When you finance, you're free to make any modifications or alterations to your vehicle, and are in complete control of when and how you choose to maintain it.

With traditional financing methods, you pay the full tax up front when you buy. Ouch! With a lease, you pay sales taxes on your monthly payments. And you only pay for the duration of your lease term. More money in your pocket. Plus, you won’t have to put up with the hassle of trading or selling the vehicle – ever. Assuming the vehicle is within the kilometer limit set out in the lease agreement and has no abnormal wear and tear, you can simply return the vehicle to us at lease maturity. No more waiting by the phone, haggling over the price, or getting it certified. Plus, if you end up taking a liking to your leased vehicle, you can often purchase it yourself at the end of your lease term!